Our Story

It's 2:30 am, the night before opening day, you're in your tent...

You can feel the cold mountain air on your face as you think about the bulls you glassed on the opposite ridge, a few hours before. You hear the whistling of a light, high-elevation breeze as it passes through the pines. As you begin drifting back into a peaceful sleep, that's when you hear it...

Elk N Rut Logo

Hi everyone!

We all have that one memory from our first hunt to our first fishing adventure.  The memories of the smell of the morning air heading out to the spot you scouted for months, to the frost on the ground in the early morning, to hearing your first bugle. Our goal is to have our consumers feel the same excitement and anticipation that we do right before hunting season starts while you’re wearing your new Elk N Rut apparel.  We all enjoy being as warm and comfortable as we can on an adventure and it is our mission to give you the same feeling wearing our apparel, even when the season is over.  Join us in bringing you the feeling of the hunt year round, from Elk N Rut.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@elknrut.com.